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SmartCoding was established specifically for the direct coding of responses to open-ended questions in international Market Research ('verbatims'). Direct coding means that we have the verbatims coded by speakers of the languages in which the surveys are conducted. That eliminates the need for an intermediate translation step, saving both time and money.  Although a young company, SmartCoding is underpinned by extensive experience in translations and market research through its close connections with VVH business translationsand many market research agencies across Europe and beyond..


Coding multilingual verbatims Save yourself the trouble with SmartCoding Coding the responses to open-ended questions is a laborious and costly process at the best of times. But if you conduct international market research and have to deal with open ends, or verbatims, in multiple languages, cos...

Who We Are

The people behind SmartCoding SmartCoding is a young business, but one that is not without history. It was formed as a spinoff from VVH business translations, a translation company with more than 12 years of experience with market research translations and many clients and friends in the internatio...

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Coder Application Form Do you speak your languages and would you like to earn some extra money from the comfort of your own home? Does an active role in analysing market research data appeal to you? Then maybe you should apply as a coder for SmartCoding If you have excellent knowledge of English a...


Stella Bolscher CEO Address SmartCoding Hooghiemstraplein 85 3514 AX UTRECHT The Netherlands Phone +31 (0)30-2761918 E-mail

Stella Bolscher (CEO)
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Phone +31 (0)30-2761918

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